Before We Begin the Scan

1. Make sure your phone is fully charged.

2. Plan to walk from front-to-back or back-to-front for a continuous scan per floor.

3. Open all doors and walk-in-closets beforehand.

4. Turn on all lights/Open curtains and shades.

5. Ensure your internet has strong coverage.

6. Point at the baseboards and start the scan   from an open room corner.

While Scanning

1. Scan from chest height and keep the phone tilted downwards – staying 5-7 feet from the walls.

2. Don’t try to scan objects farther than 7 feet away, walk the perimeter of the room.

3. Walk at a slower pace as you scan, not too fast or too slow.

4. Walk facing forward not sideways.

5. No need to scan ceiling, always keep the floor and the bottom of the wall in the scan.

6. Back out of tight spaces. If scanning a small area or room, just move your phone around the floor perimeter and then back out scanning the floor.

7. Scan each corner and stay the same distance from the wall even if there is furniture.  Scan the furniture and also scan the wall area above the furniture for best results.

Mistakes to Avoid While Scanning

1. Point the device at the baseboard/floor area, not directly at the wall.

2. Don’t hold the device at too high an angle, tilt downward and focus on where the floor meets the wall.

3. Stay within 5-7 feet of the wall when scanning.

4. Don’t get too close to wall and objects.

5. Don’t rush and spin; Instead back out of small spaces scanning the floor as you back up.

6. Capturing movement of doors: Instead open doors before starting the scan.

7. Avoid rapid movements.

8. Avoid quick turns and spinning.

9. We should make sure to avoid obstacles like hands & fingers while scanning between the floor and the camera.

10. We should not miss out on any space during the scanning.

11. Do not scan the staircase.

12. Do not scan a mirror.