Self-Serve Pay Per Use

Once you register for a RemoteVal account, you can create and fulfill your own orders. RemoteVal is perfect for virtual inspections, remote scanning and floor plan creation, 1004Ds, PDRs and PDCs, and verifying property details instantly on a Desktop or Hybrid assignment.

  • Create detailed, highly-accurate floor plans – including wall thickness – in minutes.

  • Live inspection of the property through a contact’s smartphone. Collect all the data you need as if you were physically standing in the home.

  • You remotely take HD photos and videos, which are also geotagged and time-stamped to verify location. You know the data is trustworthy because you are collecting and verifying it.

  • Multiple measurement options for interior and exterior dimensions and GLA calculation. Repeated tests show less than 2% variance from traditional methods.

  • Use RemoteVal for any client order. You set your own fees and schedule without having to spend most of your day driving to and from properties.

$40 / Per Scan